I am collecting control Forget Xian pet with unreal Raiders

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Forget the Raiders game Xian Xian: forget forum hot speed download packet Xian Xian forget forget forget fairy packs before playing notes... Your position: OL > > to Xian text I collect control Forget Xian pet upgrade points...

 I am collecting control Forget Xian pet with unreal Raiders

Pet, is every online games in the most, is the most important thing. Is the game player to travel home, posing fire, killing raid homes and plunder houses, bubble girl are an indispensable assistant.

In the "OL" in the left Xian, the pet system is broad and profound, not only many kinds, but also change, synthesis, refining various strengthening methods and so on, the novice contact tend to be confused and disoriented, I finally get a best growth pet, do not know how to cultivate. The following small through The 5 part For the majority of game player with "OL" analysis to forget cents pet system, the hope can help game player take some detours.

A pet, introduction

Got property

1, according to the constitution of the pet can be divided into: external attack type, strength, agility and physical constitution, determines the pet attacks and their own attributes.

2, according to the pet rarity can be divided into: everywhere, a rarity and rare type, will determine the growth properties of pet.

3, pets can be divided according to the growth rate: good, excellent, excellent and perfect, the growth rate will be decided after the pet obtained by addition.

 I am collecting control Forget Xian pet with unreal Raiders

4, pets can be classified according to the quality: the spirit products, Xian products, the product, quality is the comprehensive properties of these scores, pet and pet products saint in need.

5, according to the qualification of the pet pet character is divided into: cautious, cunning, loyal, smart, the transmit probability character determines its corresponding skills.

Two, get a pet

Blood Butterfly attribute

1. common pets.

The main mission: through the completion of 10 main mission, game player can get the first pet.

Field: kill field specific pet baby strange strange smaller chance of falling pet eggs, hatching eggs will get a pet baby.

 I am collecting control Forget Xian pet with unreal Raiders

Xian Fu Culture: each government Xian Yu monster room, can produce a variety of pet baby. More types of pet animal is high grade real control production.

Special map: when the game player reaches a certain level after entering the special map. Kill monsters in a special map there is certainly likely to get high quality pet.

To purchase the other game player: pet baby egg business, has been in the body of the pet itself through the seal again into the egg.

The scene movement: all kinds of sports games in sports, especially to complete the mission, will receive special pet.

2. get the best pet.

Shenpin pets get way: a pet. The rarity will be. The rarity for rare pet pet egg is generally open xianpin. Then direct the pet demon, which enhance its growth rate, has a chance to become a masterpiece. If the demon does not change, can be synthesized by the Deputy pet, pay attention to the contract character skills. A variable Shenpin is not difficult. The two generation (the reproduction). Two the same as kamijina pet breeding must be a Shenpin Shenpin, a clergyman reproduction is shenpin.

Get a pet products Saint: generation. Is a rarity. A pet. Rarity is the cream of the crop. In the eggs of Saint products is one of the most anticipated, at the same time, is also very difficult. One of the necessary conditions is, when your pet can reach into the Shenpin conditions, also need to have 9 final synthesis skills are the same character skills (10 in total), need to have the synthesis of patience. The two generation of pet. No matter how rare, as long as the two pet products saint for breeding, the need for the.

 I am collecting control Forget Xian pet with unreal Raiders

Three, pet

Silver wolf attributes

First put their real onhook pets rose to eight above, and then build a small, buy a more than ninety pets, very cheap, you can buy one to two hundred and twenty. Then you find the real hook, hang up, there should be fifty million experience a night, the higher the level the more experience, and large to deportation, you will get an experience of Dan, the experience with the experience as a pet Dan hook, then you need to upgrade your pet to play back to the state. The item, click on the use of experience experience Dan, who went to your pet. Of course you want faster, let you buy some more advanced trumpet trumpet pet, you hang up real get full, so the experience of Dan also have several. The last one is to find a bed before you hang up the familiar friend room, you need to upgrade your pet to hang into it, so don't upgrade Tanzania service.

Four, pet metamorphosis

Super invincible attribute

What skills have no illusion, illusion and silver on the line, the higher the star, plus property percentage more, with equipment of refining star, turned to the mall to buy props they reveal the inner alchemy, or pray for. The use of improved pet star beast alchemy, the highest can be turned into 20 star, it must be pre turned white they reveal the inner alchemy, cost savings. Turn to improve pet attack.

Five, add a little pet

Got some upload

A pet is to increase the property value. 5 liter 5 free distribution points, can be arbitrarily assigned to the strength, power, endurance, force, body of law. Effect of external force: repair; psychic: effect of internal work; blood concentration; endurance:: the influence of internal and external defense; body: Crit hit dodge. But pets have a distinguished character. Loyal, cunning as the pet, cautious, smart character in pet, so some of it, according to personal preferences, but the pet can not add power, strength and strength can not be pets. Pet liter remember to ensure the allocation attribute points, the pet is in the strongest state.

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