"Battlefield 1" arms weapons collocation

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"Battlefield 1" in arms each have their own fixed collocation use of firearms, each arms collocation what weapon is the best? Here we bring you the "battlefield 1" arms weapons collocation, with a look. "Battlefield 1...

 "Battlefield 1" arms weapons collocation

"Battlefield 1" in arms each have their own fixed collocation use of firearms, each arms collocation what weapon is the best? Here we bring you the "battlefield 1" arms weapons collocation, with a look.

 "Battlefield 1" arms weapons collocation



Commando, first commando 10 basic weapons is not recommended, don't ask why, old drivers are easy to roll, the most important thing is to carry ammunition too little about the adorable new weapon mp18, this weapon is now used by many people in the game, is a very stable gun, the beginning of the ho war is in the distance into the waist with a gun and shoot meow is very stable, and the rolling distance 1918, close to 55 can play good, suggest that the mouse movement speed in 15, is not suitable for the open map, the experimental version is actually very strong don't know why nobody is in the distance from the artifact, can just have in addition to the other three branches outside the sniper sight, personal edition is not recommended, as the other 2 versions.

Sudden face artifact 1918

The second is the process of face artifact is 1918, mass gun, with many people, but you really can use it, this gun is really only suitable for her version of the battle within 30 meters, which is characterized by the waist shot second person, suitable for use in Amiens and jungle map, map or special use stronghold House Lane in many places, in the distance we walk too big 25 can hit 3 assault version is even good, individuals have been in use of the gun, the 1918 most recommended this gun, 20 Mi within and her waist is almost the same version of shoot close, without distinction, this gun is meow with just distance for medical support, occupy and push tank raid is very effective, the best weapon with 1911 pistols, in close strength, the original is also good, but as a soldier to be worthy of the name, so it is recommended to charge version


 "Battlefield 1" arms weapons collocation

第三就是散弹枪了,个人对于这三把散弹枪有着不同的见解,个人用的比较多的是10a-猎人,97扫荡,12g加长,但还是最推荐10a猎人,近距离最强武器,因为现在都带10a和1918,如果带自动和97根本刚不过,但是97和自动也有特殊用途听我慢慢道来,10a不推荐新手用,入门比较难,老司机能刚一个小队,当然适合占点守房子使用,如沙漠的c点清房子,亚眠不推荐使用,丛林可以,一枪秒不掉基本废,推荐鼠标灵敏度稍微慢一点,快了很容易偏,打中上半身就死的,97这把枪容错率高一点一发死除非扫荡版本,但是对距离要求苛刻,除非守房子,但是也刚不过10a,这把武器也就只有某些地图转角多以及蹲房子比较牛,自动散弹枪其实和和97类似,但是同10a一样,操作难度较高不适合新手,适合濠战突破,也是一把特殊用途得武器,还有就是个人经常用的一把枪,10a散弹魂 Dad, similar to 4 warheads, close a gun if full of blood generally die, with the recommended 1903 pistol up a knife, with Bedouin dagger, close to just over 1918, a gun, why? Recommend this weapon he, because this weapon is really far to take the recommended open map use, long distance direct 2 shot dead, with 95 sniper rifle, close to 90, COSCO 60-80, own sight, direct shot outside the 1903 waist cut virtual spray any other weapon close.

Talk about the assault this arms opinion, you must be in front of the tank and the medic, your task is to break the stronghold of destroying vehicles

The first vehicles must take anti tank grenades and anti tank grenades, and mines, must not be placed in the fire to their stronghold, because the home carrier is also a great threat, and easy to hook, open map first doesn't matter with mine, the second wave has the opportunity to put his old home as usual. The explosive wave for utility, put explosives or explosive antitank grenade is good, keep the house or recommended positions and small map use, will open the anti tank gun. Don't believe you are awful.


In short, the upgrading of medical occupation is a relatively fast, stable fraction before the 10 occupation, again, don't play with guns slip. 那么队友肯定在隔着屏幕骂你,一定会在骂你,在自己差不多不会死的情况下一定要去救每个能救的人,如果做不到就不要玩医疗兵,主武器推荐原始武器原厂(其实这把武器才是真正的神器),中等水平推荐蒙德冲锋(算是比较通吃地图的枪),1907扫荡(适合小图),1916不推荐新手使用,10级武器小地图中近距离神器刚的过1918(同样不适合手残玩家),自动步枪就不推荐使用了,手枪推荐1911,如果拿的1907推荐带左轮,带大威力的刀补刀方便,手雷破片比较通吃,小地图火焰或者毒气,冲点推荐带烟雾弹救人以及给突击兵破点推载具方便,本人一般带的烟雾或者破片,除了丛林或者对敌压力大不然不推荐带大医疗包,真的涨分涨血特别慢,其他图带小包比较好比较稳定,平时少开枪多救人给队友加血才是你应该做的,而且升级比较快对团队贡献大

The support class

好了,支援兵,这个兵种除了10级武器没暖用其他都有自己的用途,麦德森相当于是1918加长版,带防空喵具比较好适合破点使用,交火点守点不推荐用,而m1918濠战版就非常适合守点蹲点,破点不好用,子弹太少,因为压制敌人也是支援的任务,m1909这把枪适合手残党通常带迫击炮的时候距离合适用这把枪,因为射速太慢,近距离刚不过别人远程压制很有效,个人用mg15冲锋版本比较多,因为都是30发水冷就没必要用压制,mg15射速均衡后坐力小伤害还不低子弹多,而且喵具不挡视野,是一把通用枪推荐使用,作为??支援兵带脚架躲后方a人真的不是合格的还不如玩狙击,而路易氏机枪是非常适合支援的一把枪,通常躲在医疗兵后面,中距离压制小队比较给力,非常适合针对飞机,每次看到??我都给他三个弹夹,一个弹夹15-20血。 Support or recommend 1911 pistol, not for all, easy to use, just close and choose a different pistol, in addition to the jungle and with mortar for bags, all other map packets suitable, because up quickly, casually with grenades. Most important of all! See the plane gave him 3 magazines!

 "Battlefield 1" arms weapons collocation

Support mortar house or vehicle has high explosive, is generally a crossbow with burning gas or fragments of Asia is very effective, the gases can be infinite, rose artifact.

I set:

 "Battlefield 1" arms weapons collocation

 "Battlefield 1" arms weapons collocation

 "Battlefield 1" arms weapons collocation

Now 81, KD per game in 2-3, playing because of support and assault die much more, KD is not important, can often see the medic killed several people dead ten times but break up first, that will play, sometimes 2 more people throw away 2 bags to capture the stronghold


Talk about the Scout's first talk about the weapons, long-range 98 or 1903, close to 95 Li 1895, lovers by 1895, to see their own habits, with large forces must take the K bomb (vehicles case), pistol novice 1911 general recommendation with Mars and stop. Mars on the technical requirements of the higher, 1911 bad, with a large force must be away from the commandos 50 meters -100 meters, unless otherwise take positions, not to go in, is generally good, in the military wing position killing convenient, basic is safe on the flank,

Play 10x sniper is good in the open map, 200m 98200m more than 1903 more appropriate, must take the trenches telescope and shield, choose a high point called squat squat playing opposite lying don't move, actually wasting bullets, a qualified scout team of great contribution, although the rise not particularly fast, but the outcome is generally 1.5 to the growth of the value of a team, if there are more than three snipers do not use sniper, all chicken hand over easily

In fact, along with the further development of the weapon is battlefield situation, don't use a weapon

"Battlefield 1" essence of the article recommended the whole process of the whole campaign video Raiders Raiders plot class weapons play skills novice teaching video carrier arms of the carrier of weapons and equipment is introduced and recommended the sniper weapon data detailed data list ranks of all weapons near warfare weapons kill video Raiders platinum installation and operation guide picture setting experience report cheating the official encyclopedia introduction method

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